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Here you will learn how to unlock and breakthrough any dark emotions to set yourself free
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When I was 27, 2015, I  realized that I lived in oppression and never showed my grief or pain to anyone. I felt I had no value or worth. I was a people pleaser. I listened to others' beliefs about who I was and what I could become. I was ashamed of my dyslexia because it made it difficult  to express myself.  I wanted to be loved and accepted. My soul was dying in shame.

I was tired and close to suicide. The year was 2018, I was in my car driving on the highway contemplating wether or not to crash my car and end my life then and there. I was just to take act out on this thought when a friend called. I told her what I was about to do.
- "I can understand you feel that way after everything you've been through. But that is taking the easy way out and I will never forgive you."

After confessing  these thoughts to my friend I realized I had confronted one of my biggest fears.  I had revealed my tragic and dark emotional state to someone that was close to me. The mask had come off and behind it was the pain I had hidden  from myself and others for so many years.

At that moment I made the CHOICE. I decided to take ownership of my life.  I acknowledged that I knew myself better then any professional could.  If I was to pursue my dream as a 27-year-old woman I needed to stop my treatment in the psychiatric ward. I needed  to take control and responsibility for my own life. Because it was mine and mine alone to take control of.

In 2019  I chose to sell everything I owned. This helped me let go of the pain that was attached to my material belongings.  It was time to liberate myself from everything that was weighing me down.

After selling some of it and giving away the rest I was free. I was no longer tied down by everything I owned. In 2020 I traveled to Guatemala. There I lived in the jungle for 5 months. I  nurtured animals back to health and released them back into the wild. "WILD AND FREE. WITHOUT BOUNDARIES OR LIMITATIONS. "

 Humans live very much in ego. They have a selfish desire to live a lifestyle that is in actuality  not only self destructive but also destructive to their habitat.  The ways we chose to act and communicate can be harmful  to how we exist in life.

In my 1 year coaching program I will give you the courage to face what you fear. Emotional baggage can be unconscious as well as conscious. I will see, listen and stand by you until you take the actions necessary to step out of your comfort zone. This will free you and give you insight. Insight will be the key to the breakthroughs that creates results. This turns dreams into reality.

A 1 year coaching proam gives you access to:

  • 12 1:1 coaching sessions with Tanja Andersen 
  • 12 POD Call where fellow students can meet through Zoom
  • HOTLINE – Recieve coaching answers within 24-48 hours
  • The toolbox
TODAY: $397

Today I am a role model to my 27-year-old self. The one that desperately wanted to free her true self from the imprisonment of pain. Today I am the one that has the courage to speak out about my life experiences. I expose this in a raw and naked way with brutal honesty and self-love. Each of my feelings, thoughts and actions is for her and is a gift to enrich her life by living miraculously.

I look forward to hearing from you and being your mentor. Through this program you can become your own role model. You will love and respect what you see in the mirror.

All the best, Tanja Andersen

The training is intended for informational and educational purposes, it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle, and/or mental health care.


Tanja Andersen has been my life coach since January 2015. Through our weekly sessions she’s guided me on my path as a professional singer and to take steps towards a more powerful way to realize my dream. From the start, I was really impressed with Tanja’s people knowledge while still being a coaching student; she always knows exactly what I need and what kind of questions to ask me. It means that after each session I feel empowered, revitalized and clear on my next step. Of course, realizing one’s hindrances is tough and involves a lot of emotional ups and downs, but Tanja’s caring support and consistency lets me turn the lows into highs. I always, ALWAYS look forward to my next session with Tanja!

Christina Friis

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Tanja Andersen

I live to be another beings miracle.
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My team and I will create the next sanctuary in Denmark for livestock and production animals, but also for humans. The farm will be a hope of turning powerlessness into life. Therefore, we strive to create a community of people who wants to receive insight into how they can achieve small life changes and motivation to make a fundamental change in their lifestyle and live in symbiosis with the wild animals.
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