Enhance Study & Exam Performance with This Powerful Hypnosis Programme

Dread the thought of sitting exams? Find it hard to motivate yourself to study? Find it difficult to concentrate, focus and retain information? What if I told you there was a simple, effective way to overcome these challenges?
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About This Product:

Fortunately, there is! Hypnosis is an effective, scientifically proven tool which can be used to retrain the brain. By creating new neurological pathways through a process called neuroplasticity, hypnotherapy reprogrammes old, unhelpful beliefs around study and exams (usually created due to having to engage in many subjects we don't enjoy by the time we get to our GCSE!) like, "I hate studying, it's boring, I can't remember the information, I get so stressed in exams I forget everything, I just can't concentrate or focus".
Hypnosis enables these self-limiting beliefs to be dissolved and replaced with new beliefs and thought patterns that support the desired outcome – effective study and exam success!
In order to see the changes we want to see in ourselves and in our performance, it’s important to change the beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind, which can often unknowingly be holding us back. It's our beliefs that drive our thought patterns, feelings and, ultimately, the actions we take and how we experience our reality.

Henry Ford is famous for saying, “Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right".
The Enhance Study and Exam Performance course will enable you to think you can – and to be absolutely right!
How does the course work?

During this simple hypnosis programme, a variety of hypnotic techniques, such as using creative visualisation, direct suggestions, and embedded commands, I will be dialoguing directly with the subconscious mind. Hypnosis allows us to move easily past the analytical mind (conscious). where we will be planting these new seeds of thought, ideas, and beliefs.

The main benefits of this powerful hypnosis programme are:

Increased motivation to study
Enhanced ability to focus, and concentration skills
Being able to retain and remember more information in less time (this is a by-product of increased focus and concentration)
Enhanced ability to remain calm, confident and focussed, and therefore recall easier the answers during the exam

This programme also teaches the students how the mind works, how hypnosis works and includes some practical simple tips that can be implemented to support this process.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The recordings themselves should be listened to consistently for 21 days each for maximum results. You could start to feel its power though in as little as 4 days of consistent listening, and implementation of the practical steps outlined. If you purchase this and only have 1 month to the exam you can use the bonus combination track. 
BONUS TRACK: For those coming late to the programme (approx 1 month to exam) I have created a combination track that covers both study and exam in one. This can be listened to 21-30 days prior to the exam. Alternatively if you don't need the study part at this point, you can listen to the exam only one leading up to your exam. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PARENTS: As this programme is aimed at 15-25-year-olds, for anyone under 16. I advise parents to watch the videos with your child, and to listen once to the hypnosis recordings yourself so that you can be happy with the messages I am giving. All messages are positive and support only the enhancement of study & exam performance. It's important to know all humans have the ability to reject suggestions they do not want to take on. Hypnosis cannot implant unwanted thoughts into someone’s mind. 

REFUND POLICY: if you are not fully satisfied with this programme, and do not think its value for money, you can email me at for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: If you suffer from EPILEPSY or PSYCHOSIS please consult your doctor before using any hypnosis programme.  General Hypnotherapy Standards Council Reg: 8144. Rapid Transformational Therapy Licence 716995 

Program Details

Introduction To The Programme
Available Now
Understanding Hypnosis And How It Works
Available Now
Preparing For Success
Available Now
Rules Of The Mind - Expanding Consciousness
Available Now
How To Use The Hypnosis Tracks
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Introduction Technique
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Enhance Study Performance Hypnosis Track
Available Now
Enhance Exam Performance Hypnosis Track
Available Now
Last Pep Talk (listen a few days before exam for tips)
Available Now

Enhance Study & Exam Combination Hypnosis Track
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