Grow Your Tiktok Audience Organically

In this fun, self-paced course you will learn how to grow your following on Tiktok , organically. No dancing necessary. You won't find a course taught like this anywhere else.
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About This Product:

What Exactly Will You Learn?

  • Live training - Potential ​TIKTOK MONETIZATION IDEAS
  • Live training - ​TIKTOK CONTENT IDEAS 


Why Now?

TIKTOK is the fastest growing platform and has more daily visitors than Facebook and Instagram. 

It's no longer "just for kids." Half of TIKTOK's users are now Millenials and Gen-X'ers.  While it is still in what is considered the "Early Adaptor Phase" that will likely end sometime in the next year.

This means that organic growth will NEVER be easier on the platform than it is RIGHT NOW.

Why learn from me?

Hi! I'm Jen! I'm a social media expert specializing in Tiktok and other platforms. I thrive when my clients do and get an overwhelming sense of joy when I help others find success in growing their audiences. 

I teach and consult small businesses and personal brands how to successfully grow their audience  organically on Tiktok without sacrificing hours from their day.

Here's Everything That's Included!!!

  • ​TIKTOK Strategies to grow your audience without dancing a single step. You don't want to miss out on this time where organic reach is obtainable and easy.

​TIKTOK Secrets Here's your chance to get  leads organically. I give you EVERYTHING I've learned over the past two years and how I gained over 112,000 leads in less than 6 months.

​TikTok How-to Tutorial - In this simple "how-to" section you will learn how to properly set up your profile, what to incude in your bio, to filming, and to optimizing your profile with clickable links for lead generation.

Potential ​TikTok Monetization - Here I tell you how I earned THOUSANDS off of a single 12 seconds Tiktok in 3 days. **This will be a LIVE training.**

​TikTok Content Ideas - We will discuss ideas on how to incorporate trends into your own brand and captions to grab attention. Evergreen content ideas so that in a year or two from now your videos can go viral over and over again. I love the TikTok algorithm! **This will be a LIVE training.**

​​TikTok Management - Tiktok does NOT have to consume your soul. Here I teach you my content bactching method. This is going to save you tons of time.

And 8 LIVE monthly trainings!

What Others Have To Say About Learning From Me:

"Your content is helpful....wish I would have found it 6 months ago lol before I did all the trial n error😂" - @hippeechickee

"This was great advice thanks, love!" - @authorniquel

"you make learning fun" - @j.j.south

"yeah! learned something new today! thank you" - @hippeechickee

"Great tips"-@paulaguidi5

"you are a goddess for these tips" - @stasiablackauthor

Why Enroll Now?

There is MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY to take advantage of this ORGANIC wave on TIKTOK! We are talking about the opportunit  of getting in on a platform in its early stages without having to spend tons of money on Ads. It won't be like this forever. Get in now and ride organic wave.

See you inside the course!

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Choose your video and hashtags
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Green Screen Effects
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Slideshows Templates
Available Now
Simple Transition Videos
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Duets with other creators
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Choose your sounds
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Stitches with other creators
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Fun/Creative Product Demos
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Simple & Effective Growth Hacks
Available Now
Tiktok Algorithm
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How Often Should You Post
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Hashtag Research
Available Now
Filming & Batching Content
Available Now
To Niche or not to Niche
Available Now
Algorithm Hack: How to respond to comments
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The Bumper Sticker Method
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Attract More Followers
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Be Social Algorithm "Hack"
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Your Growth at the Beginning of Your Tiktok Journey
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Day One
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Day Two
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Day Three
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Day Four
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Day Five
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