Facebook Visibility & Monetization Masterclass For Coaches & Online Business Owners

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Learn how to use Facebook the NEW & EASY way to close the gap between your superpower (offer) and your community (future paying clients). 

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This is a recording from the live session on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5th
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST (US EASTCOAST) 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my offer. I appreciate & value your time because I believe that time and attention are our most valuable goods these days.

Let me ask you a question: Would you agree if I say that Facebook is the biggest social media network on the planet?

And would you furthermore agree that you would find enough clients on Facebook to make a really huge impact and live a great life?

If you nod your head to the first two questions, I am pretty sure you agree with me as well on this statement:

Visibility = Likes = Impact = Sales = Freedom

I think being visible on Facebook is the foundation for every business, every niche, and every phase of our businesses.

When you think about your Facebook marketing...do you struggle with any of these:

😩 You don't know how and where to really start
😩 You are missing real support in other courses
😩 You don't want to be online 24/7
😩 You find it hard to come up with great content on a daily basis
😩 You don't know where and how to find your ideal clients
😩 When you post you have little to no engagement aka crickets

This 2 Hour Live Mastermind will cover everything you need to know if you want to use Facebook as your free marketing tool to attract your ideal clients on autopilot even if you are not online and make more impact and get more sales.

The first Masterclass will take place on Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 from 10:00 AM till 12:00 PM EST

If you struggle with social media, content, community growth, and guiding prospects into your sales funnel, this masterclass will give you 100% clarity.

If you need personal support especially in module 3 and module 4 in the KBB, this place is for you.

After taking this Masterclass you will exactly know how to:

🎯 Set up your profile like a marketing pro that attracts visitors 24/7 on autopilot
🎯 Come up and create magnetic content daily without getting stuck
🎯 Find your ideal clients 
🎯 Approach your ideal clients
🎯 Connect with your ideal clients
🎯 Guide your ideal clients into your own community/group
🎯 Grow your Facebook community, following and fans
🎯 Get likes and hearts by the dozen
🎯 Turn likes and hearts into impact and buyers

All of this with easy to follow - step by step - instructions.

On top - and this one is what makes this masterclass completely different from anything out there:

✅ Learn the few things that really make a difference
✅ Learn how to get 80% of the results with 20% of your effort
✅ Leverage proven systems that just worked for years
✅ Discover the Evergreen methods that don’t depend on frequent algorithm-changes

Do you mind if I over-deliver?

I call them my dirty little secrets because these are taught NOWHERE: I will make sure that after you left this masterclass you know three secrets that will set you apart from everybody who has not taken this masterclass: This will be your unfair advantage for your social media marketing.

Today the best way to close the gap between your superpower and your offer is to use the biggest social media network on the planet: Facebook.

There is literally nothing that you cannot do on Facebook:

Present yourself, your offer, find and connect with your community and make sales without all the tech stuff like funnels, websites, or any other complicated things.

Hi, my name is René Baratella and I am an online marketing and lead generation enthusiast. I have launched multiple online brands and I am a certified Knowledge Broker. 

I have struggled with invisibility on Facebook (and other networks) for years! 

I had built beautiful courses and offers and I was ready to give everything for my clients and community. But there was a big problem: I was invisible! Nobody knew that I even existed.

And each time I posted something on Facebook: Nobody care. Crickets. Silence.

I failed big time!

I got very little likes and comments and all of them came from family and friends. And the few other people who commented here and there did never buy!

When I found the solution to my problem, my business and life changed overnight:

I learned what really makes a difference and what to do exactly to be seen on Facebook. And here you can learn how to do that, too!

Ever since that day creating content is fun to me. I connect with dozens of my ideal clients daily and I don’t even have to hard-sell anymore: My community just knows what I stand for but most importantly: They know that I can help them reach their goals with my strategies, tactics, and tools.

I never had to negotiate about my price because I mastered the new way of how to use any social media platform almost on autopilot.

You can be sure that I only have one mission if you join this masterclass:

I wanna see you win! 🥇

So if you want to get more clients without paying for ads, you have come to the right place.

If there are any questions unanswered, just send me a message on Facebook.

Now you might ask yourself: Why should I join you, René? What makes you any different from other providers?

Let me tell you:

I care!
I focus on real results.
I  am there for you if you have any questions.
I have been where you are and felt miserable.

A a matter of fact: I give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied:

If you get nothing out of this mastermind you get your money back. 

Now, this masterclass is not launched yet but can already save your seat today because there are only 25 seats available. So be quick and don’t miss to join this opportunity.

💥This masterclass is for action-takers like you who don’t dabble around.

🎯This masterclass is for people who prefer results over knowledge.

💞This masterclass is for people who want to impact other people’s lives with their own experience, knowledge, and superpower!

I bet this is the right place for you!

I know especially during the pandemic we are all afraid to spend time and money into things we are not really sure about, right?

I hear you and I feel you: On top of the 100% money-back guarantee I will add these free bonuses to the offer:

✅ Exclusive & Private Facebook Accountability Group with a weekly Q&A Live Session even AFTER the masterclass
✅ Free Audit Of Your Facebook Profile
✅ Free Access To My Social Media Secrets Blueprint
✅ Free Access To My Organic Explosion Video Course
✅ Free Ready To Use Facebook Weekly Planner
✅ Free Cheat Sheet "Facebook Profile Set Up Cheat Sheet"
✅ Access To My Personal Resource Area

Contact me via Facebook messenger 💬 ➡️ http://bit.ly/Facebook_Message_Me to claim your free bonuses and send me your full name and your e-mail address you purchased the mastermind with.

See you inside!

René Baratella

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Facebook Visibility & Monetization - Recording of the Live Masterclass - Wednesday, August 5th 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Seats Are Limited
Learn how to set up your Facebook profile, create attractive content, and reach out to your ideal clients to get maximum visibility and close the gap between your offer and more clients.
René Baratella
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