Sing Like You: 3 Steps to a Bigger Audience and a Better Sound

Do you want to sing for audiences you connect with? Have you tried building your voice but are afraid to lose your unique sound? In this 3-part training, I will show you how to sing without sounding weird, how to attract audiences that are drawn to you, people that love your sound and style.
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About This Product:

Have you ever felt unsure about not only building a name for yourself as a singer but to build it in a way that gives you confidence and joy, keeping true to who you are?  Are you a working singer trying to balance music rehearsal, learning vocal skills, getting gigs, and working a full time job?

Every working singer has been there before!  Imagine for a minute feeling total confidence on stage, being able to sing freely in all parts of your voice, and loving your audience, one that is drawn to you and loves you back?

With this course, I want to walk you through 3 steps to to get the performance skills that draw audiences to you, without feeling overwhelm or insecurity and without losing your unique sound and style.

Here's exactly what you'll discover when you enroll today!

  1. Learn to sing more like YOU by learning technique without technicalities
  2. Find the posture, vocal space, and air flow to open up a free, full, and powerful singing voice, without losing your unique sound
  3. Learn my secret "own your stagelight" method to be true to yourself while attracting your favorite audience

Program Details

The Onstage YOU: Define Your Style
Define The Perfect Audience
Protect Your Unique Sound by Committing to Learn Technique, not Technicalities
Make it a Show That Your Audience Will Love

Get Power, Ease and Flexibility by Learning Posture, From Head to Toe, Literally
Make Singing Easy by Opening the Vocal Space
Songs Have Words so It's Time to Learn Articulation
Tap Into Hidden Power by Learning the In-Breath, Deflation Breath, and Power Breath
Eliminate Transition Shifts and Vocal Frustration by Developing Breath Flow

Attract Your Perfect Audience by Consistency of Show and Style
Build Your Audience by Simple Weekly Habits
Connect to your Audience by the Magic "Find Your Stagelight" Technique
Total Confidence, Total Vocal Freedom, Total Connection to Fans: Putting it All Together

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Shawn Earl

I'm Shawn, and I help parents build successful businesses without taking time and money from their families.
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I am a talent development expert, father of 4, singer, writer, and systems designer.  I have built efficient systems for business and effective training programs to bring out the inner talents of technicians, performers, speakers, and writers.  I love processes, as nerdy as that sounds, and always seek out the set of steps that will get from point A to B in the quickest, most stress free way.  I love helping people grow and develop.  It has been a passion since I was in high school when I used to tutor inner city children in math.
I love family and come from a large extended family.  I enjoy cooking for my children and doing things as a family.  I love seeing my children come into who they are and to tap into who they want to be, hopefully without me pushing them into a direction I want them to go.  My children are my biggest reason for why I have taken my talent development work online.  I am exited to help as many people as I can to connect with themselves, their deep why, and to find the success that they dream of, not the dreams of others but the dreams that they hold close.
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