Camera Confident Masterclass

Represent yourself better in front of the camera or live audience. Overcome your fear of public speaking, doing Videos and Facebook Live. Learn how to attract your ideal client using your story the right way.

Are you ready to say goodby to your fear that is holding you back from sharing your message on Social Media? 
Do you want to have more confidence conducting virtual meetings, recording your videos and doing Facebook Live? 
This Masterclass will give you the tools and training to share your voice and message with the world.
You will learn how to

  • Overcome the fear of public speaking
  • Use your voice more effectively
  • Use your story to attract your ideal client
  • Craft a powerful presentation
  • And... You will leave with a One-Minute "Elevator Pitch" ready to use

Introduction - Vocal Variety & Body Language
You will learn basic Warm up Exercises, Understand the importance of Vocal Variety and Body Language
Confident Training
Learn how you can break the cycle of false Beliefs. Through fun exercises we will eliminate that nasty voice inside of us that tells us we are not good enough.
Clarity and Vision
Get the Clarity Tool that Changes Everything. Only when we know where we are now and where we want to go can we embark on our journey.
Heros Journey
How to extract and use your story. Become the Hero in your own story.
Prepare, Practice, Present
The right way to prepare and practice will give you the best results when you are ready to present.
Putting It Together
Present Your "Elevator Speech" Director's Notes and where do we go from here?

Access to this Mastermind

Price: $97.00
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Created by:
Sabine Kvenberg

Sold by: Your Success Coach

Contact owner:  [email protected]

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With over 36 years of experience being a performer, coach and business owner, Sabine has helped her clients to reach their desired outcome. She is a master at accomplishing even the loftiest goals and teaching others to do the same.


Sabine Kvenberg - Owner and CEO of M&S Studio of the Performing Arts and Founder of Confidence Coaching

With over 36 years of experience being a performer, coach, and business owner, Sabine has helped thousands of students and clients to improve their communication and performance skills to reach their desired outcome.

Sabine is a certified Distinguished Toastmaster and has received many communication and leadership awards from Toastmasters International. 

As a Communication and Confidence Coach, she helps Entrepreneurs overcome the fear of doing Lives on Social Media and teaching them how to feel more confident doing Videos and Zoom presentations. 

Sabine developed a unique framework that produces results. The tools and techniques she teaches improve performance and presentation skills. 

She is helping her clients to craft a signature talk that will turn prospects into paying clients. 

If you want to see, fast results make sure you apply for Sabine’s VIP Coaching program.