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Hey momma! What if I told you that every single thing you did today... your habits, routines, etc... those are the MOST important factor in defining your future? 

What if I told you that the thoughts in your brain, the words that come out of your mouth, and the attitudes/responses you have throughout the day have most likely BECOME HABITS and that those habits, in particular, are defining who you are and the type of life you will have?

It’s all true!! 
But the cool part is, you can change habits. 

Join me for a 30-Day Mommy Mindset makeover. In this course, we will address current mindsets and habits, throw out the ones that are no longer serving us, and create new daily habits that will take us to the next level... as mothers, spouses, entrepreneurs, and even just plain ole good humans.

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Let's kick this thing off! I'd like to tell you a little story...
Mon, Oct 26 2020
Change What You Hear
Are you ready to change your mindset with simple neuroscience? Session one explores the ways we can begin to adjust our mindset by adjusting the things we are allowing ourselves to hear, and theref...
Wed, Oct 28 2020
Change What You See
Let's keep hacking our mindset! Session two dives into the ways we can begin to adjust our mindset by introducing visual cues that support the life we want to create.
Thu, Oct 29 2020
Change What You Smell
Stay with me here. Did you know that your sense of smell is the fastest pathway to affect brain chemistry? What if we used that to impact our mindset?
Thu, Oct 29 2020
Change What You Touch
Our sense of touch can be a powerful piece of the mindset puzzle. In this session, we will explore ways that we can tap into (literally) a new way of thinking and believing.
Sat, Oct 31 2020
Change What You Taste
Join us as we explore our fifth sense, and how we can use it to master our mindset.
Sat, Oct 31 2020
All The Things
Now that we know how using our senses can powerfully and positively affect our mindset, let's put it all together and create a daily routine that ANYONE can do. Plus, get a sneak peek into my hands...
Kourtney Owens
  • Mom of 7. Oil Lady. Author. Enneagram 3w4. Strengths Genius.

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