WTF Your Picky Eater - By Cass & Len Arcuri

What To Feed Your Picky Eater... Step by Step Approach to Feed Your Child and Picky Eater Nourishing Food

Discover How to Feed THE Pickiest of Eaters 💪 ... (Kids with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing, Allergies, etc.)

  • Why Food TRULY Matters
  • How To Read An Ingredient List
  • How To Clean Out and Set Up Your Kitchen
  • How To Get Your Kids To Eat More Vegetables 
  • How To Navigate Allergies To Keep Your Child Safe
  • How To Master Texture Issues
  • Why Variety is Key
  • And More‼️

Module #1 - Get Clear On Your True Food Goal For Your Child
Set Your PICKY EATER Up For Success By Feeding Them Real NourishingFood
Module #2 - Why Is Your Child A Picky Eater?
Discover Your Child's Why
Module #3 - Stop Feeding Your Child Toxins
To Truly Nourish Your Child You Need To Minimize Toxins and Inflammatory Foods
Module #4 - Start Nourishing Your Child More
Bringing Modules 1-3 together to add more nourishment for your picky eater.
Module #5 - Expanding Options Over Time
Expanding as you go to add more foods for your picky eater.

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