Empower Yourself through Focused Breathing and Mindful Movements

Empowerment through focused Breathing and Mindful Movements

Everything is ENERGY. Change your energy before your circumstances can change.
The breathing, meditation, and physical practices of yoga are here precisely for that: to allow energy to move more freely from places where it had been stuck for some times, resulting in emotional unrest, mental and/or physical discomfort.


This course is for men and women* willing to find within themselves the resources for reducing stress and anxiety, to feel peace of mind, to feel grounded in the face of changing circumstances...
The course uses yoga as a way of introducing mindfulness of breath and movement. It is not style specific and no prior experience is required in order to benefit from day 1 from the knowledge and practices shared in this programme.

The purpose of this course is to equip you with some powerful skills that you will be able to apply to any daily life situation requiring that you find a calm, grounded, confident, strong, and peaceful self.

*The movements and classes in this course are gentle but like with any exercise, if unsure please ask advice from your doctor before starting.


- enhanced body awareness and focus of the mind,
- New breathing habits - to energize and mobilize strength,  to calm down and rest;
- Increased range of movements;
- Ability to use breath and movement to manage stress and its effects;
- Strengthening of immune system by releasing of tension due to stress. 


  • Session 1: Presentation Video
  • Session 2 to 5: Breathing practices to calm the mind, create focus and feel grounded, to energise, to calm, to balance energies.
  • Session 6, 7: Sun Salutations (warm up sequences).
  • Session 8: Keys Principles of Empowering Postures. To get the full benefit of the yoga classes and short movement modules that will follow.
  • Sessions 9: Guided Yoga Class 35 minutes;
  • Session 10: Guided Yoga Class 50 minutes;
  • Session 11: Movement Module 1  -  Elongate Spine, Open Back, Rib-cage, Shoulders;
  • Session 12: Movement Module 2 - Open Space in Hip Joints and Lower Back
  • Session 13: Movement Module 3 - Core Activation, Leg Stretch, Side Bending
  • Session 14: Movement Module 4 - Chair Pose Twist, Back Opening and Leg Stretching.
  • Session 15: Bonus Session - 2 Best Postures for Releasing Tension from Lower Back

Everything is energy and the breath is our most vital and reliable source of Energy. Becoming more aware of the way we breathe leads to more clarity of mind, more creativity, more peace of mind, it allows us to use our bodies with more awareness, more efficiently, more safely too. A deeper and more conscious breath supports powerfully all body functions and promotes a strong immune system.

About Me

After many years of Martial Arts and Basket-ball, I started to live in a body that was almost constantly aching...
One day I pushed the door of a yoga studio to take part to my first class, following the advice of a friend who could see I was not very happy at the time and though I could benefit from trying something new... This was my epiphany moment. The feeling and experience on that day kept me going to classes. Soon I noticed significant improvement to my mobility and overall fitness, but also to my digestion, my sleep. 
Those close to me, also noticed that my overall emotional state was improving, 

In June 2014 I was invited to join a Teacher Training Programme and since then I have helped thousands of people of all credos and backgrounds to get results, to become more confident, more joyful, more comfortable in their body,more co. Seeing people getting reconciled with their body, changing their beliefs into more empowering ones, the smile on their face when they leave the room,  is something money cant buy...

Short presentation of the programme "How to Empower Yourself Through Focused Breathing and Mindful Movement" by Stéphane Kouamé.
Breathing Technique 1 - Feeling the Whole Breath
In yoga, the exercises designed to increase awareness of the breath and harness its subtitle energy come under the name of Pranayama (Prana=Life Force and Yama means Awareness in Sanskrit).
Breathing Technique 2 - Alternate Breathing (Anilom Vilom) - Calm your Mind, Balance Energies
Energy Balancing breathing technique. To balance the 2 sides of the energetic network of the body, the 2 sides of the brain.
Breathing Technique 3 - Ujayii Breathing - The Victorious Breath
The Victorious Breath.Will grant you strong body awareness and feeling in charge of the present moment. Very powerful way of calming the mind w=and slowing the breath.
Breathing Technique 4 - Kapalabhati Breathing - Ignite your inner Fire
Ignite your inner fire with few rounds of this uyogic breathing technique.
Sun Salutation A - A gentle warm up for beginners
After having practiced the different types of breathing for few days, you can start to involve the body in mindful movements. Keep using the Ujayii Breathing as you perform this gentle warm-up sequ...
Sun Salutation B - Warming up the whole body with focus.
Key Principles for Empowering Postures
Key Principles that may transform the way you approach the yoga posture and even any challenging life situation that demands that you step into your power...
Yoga class 35 minutes - Perfect for Beginners - Vinyasa Style
35 Minutes
Yoga class 50 minutes - Vinyasa Style
Vinyasa means synchronisation of breath and movement. Even at a slow pace, this practice will create some intensity. Can you stay focused and keep the breath soft and steady?
Movement Module 1 - Elongate Spine, Open Back, Rib-cage, Shoulders
8 minutes sequence to do as a stand alone practice or to add to another sequence. Start with some Sun Salutations, to warm the body and sync your Ujayii breath.
Module 2 - Decompress Hips joints and Lower Back
Postures to let go of tension and rigidity caused by prolonged sedentarity and stress...
Movement Module 3 - Core Activation, Leg Stretch, Side Bending
A short Module Movement to bring the attention on activating the core and stretching back of the legs and inter-coastal muscles at the same time, while maintaing a focused and soft Ujayii Breathing...
Movement Module 4 - Chair Pose Twist, Back Opening and Leg Stretching.
Twisting spine in Chair Pose. Good for the legs, lower back, sense of balance...
BONUS - Lower Back Care
Focusing on 2 simp[le yet hugely beneficial postures when it comes to ease the tension we may feel in the lower back,
LIve Session
Alive session to present the course and answer questions that you might want to ask about this course.

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Practicing and Teaching Empowerment through Yoga and Mindfulness


For the past 6 years, I have helped hundreds of people to feel better in their body, to change the way they relate to themselves. I teach yoga. This includes learning how to breathe in a way that is bringing presence and focus, moving the body with care and attention, and also becoming more comfortable with discomfort and uncertainty. This work that we do on the mat is a training that we soon become able to transfer into daily life. In that perspective, we start to take responsibility and ownership of the way we think, the way we feel, the way we live our life...