Rescue Remedy Secrets for the Empty Nester Sisterhood

6 Amazing Rescue Remedy Secrets for Empty Nest mums struggling when kids leave home. Experiencing grief, loneliness or overwhelm? Rescue Remedy Secrets are EXACTLY what you need right NOW!

Rescue Remedy Secrets will help you
Navigate Life When The Kids Leave Home

If you're feeling overwhelmed with grief ...  have lost your direction ...  can't get motivated ...  

this is for you.

This program will give you a step by step guide to help you immediately

Regather your Purpose - Regain a new layer of Confidence - Feel Better Now

You'll Receive:

A beautifully presented set of modules designed to help you bridge that sense of overwhelming loss and sadness and make it back to your centre - so that you begin to thrive once again.     I have designed this course through my own experiences of walking the Empty Nest journey, and I certainly understand how lonely it can be. 

So this program offers a sanctuary of tips and treasures that you can use as your "go to" and work through at your own pace, in your own time.   It will gently guide you to regain your balance, renew your confidence and begin to focus on the prospect of the journey ahead of you becoming an adventure. 

You're the greatest.  You truly are.   The commitment and dedication you've had as a mum is second to none.

And now its time for the focus to be YOU.  

You'll be supported to

  • Regain your Confidence

  • Recreate your Sense of Purpose

  • Live your Life with Intention once again

In this program you'll learn to:

  1. Breathe and Relax - take time for yourself
  2. Rediscover what your Feel Goods are
  3. Create Personal Rituals that Nourish & Nurture YOU
  4. Remember your Passionzzzz
  5. Create your Dreamboard
  6. Step into this new season with Purpose

You'll get INSTANT ACCESS to:

6       Beautiful and Powerful Rescue Remedy Secrets to give you the relief you need NOW!
6       Inspirational presentations designed to walk you step by step through the process
32    Essential Affirmations to get you back to "feeling good" instantly
1       Body Love Meditation to relax and soothe your body and soul


  • 1       Daily Journal to map your progress
  • 1       Weekly Reflections checklist
  • 1      3 minute Self Esteem checklist
  • 1      Personal Ritual Worksheet
  • 1      Love Note
  • 1      My Best Self checklist
  • 1      My Passion checklist
  • 1      My Feel Good checklist
  • 1      Dream Board checklist


  • 1     Rescue Remedy Secret Workbook - to heal your heart and inspire your most beautiful journey!

This course has been created with care and intention - beautifully and carefully crafted to inspire your exploration of this new season of your journey.   

Rescue Remedy Secrets for the Empty Nester Sisterhood  will speak to you, deeply. 

This is a challenging life change for you, I know.  I really do understand.

Rescue Remedy Secrets will help you navigate with more ease than you imagine possible.

Rescue Remedy Secrets for the Empty Nester Sisterhood  will help you get back to your centre, and then to look ahead with a sense of direction and adventure.  

And you'll be reminded that you're not alone!  

Welcome beautiful woman.

You've got this ... and I've got you!


With much love

Jo  x

Love Note
"If your heart could write you a Love Note, what would she say?
What dreams and aspirations would she whisper?
Would you listen?
Do you feel Joy?  
Can you feel 
Your dreams, your desires, your heart?
Its time to
Love Your Journey - Your Time to Be and to Become".

Breathe - You're in good company in the Empty Nest Sisterhood!
One step at a time Its all about YOU
One Step at a Time, One Day at a Time
First steps in the Empty Nester journey begin here ...
Routine - Time for a Change
Creating Personal Rituals that nourish and nurture YOU!
Remembering your Passionzzzzzz
The World wants you to SHINE!
Dream Board - time to create one!
Dreaming into your future!
Rescue Remedy Secrets - Finding your Relief
Rescue Remedies to see you through!!

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