4 Secrets To Building A Successful Sales Career - By Rich Reutti

I help Aspiring Sales People Build a Sales Career of Abundance and Balance



Join me for an intensive 3 day dive into the secrets the high performers use to build a successful professional sales career!!  

  • Career planning
  • Industries to target
  • Companies to target
  • How to land your dream job

Doesn't matter how much or how little education you have.   If you know you want a successful professional selling career I will share my secrets so you can  build the career of your dreams!! 

  • Do you desire a career with unlimited income?
  • Do you want a prosperous career with a flexible schedule?  
  • Do you want to run your own business without taking all the risk? 
  • Are you the kind of person that wants more from life?  

Come Join my Master Mind Group and Learn the SECRETS to Fly Past Your Goals!! 

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Module #1 - How to Plan your Professional Sales Career
Learn how to plan out your career as a sales professional. Write out your detailed plan and learn how to make it part of your life's purpose.
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Module #2 - Which Industry/s to Target
Discover the industry or industries you want to target for your career, based on your interests and passions.
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Module #3 - Companies To Target for a Job
Learn how to pick the top 5 companies in the industry/s that you are passionate about to target for your sales job
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Module #4 - How To Land Your First Professional Sales Job
Learn the techniques and strategies to land the job of your desires.

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Created by:
Rich Reutti

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34 year Professional Corporate Sales Veteran. I've held every position in sales, sales leadership and marketing in both large and small corporations. I've interviewed, Hired and trained many sales people to become Professional Salespeople.


I Started off selling copiers in NYC, Moved to Binding and laminating systems in NJ and Staten Island, Then landed a corporate sales job working for Cryovac (plastic packaging).  Where I quickly surpassed all goals set for me over the first 2 years.  I was promoted into a Market Research position in corporate HQ in South Carolina.  I was in this position for 6 years and was where I learned the most about how strategies apply to business and became a professional speaker, from an incredible business strategist and mentor. The company was sold and I took a position with Reynolds Metals and  moved to California where I took over Northern California and Nevada building sales from $1mm to $6MM in just 18 months. Was then  promoted and moved to Colorado where I started up the central region and built it to $4MM in sales in 12 months and hired 3 people who helped me build the region to $22MM over the next 24 months. Was promoted to start the National Accounts team at HQ in Richmond VA where I landed the companies largest account in the division in the first 6 months.  I hired 2 more NAM's and we built the program to $35MM over the next 18 months.  Company was sold and I moved to a Converter by the name of Exopack where I took over the lowest producing region in the company.  Took the team to Tony Robbins UPW in Miami and over the next 18 months we were the fastest growing region in the company and were #3 of 7 regions in sales dollars and #2 in profit generation.  Senior management and I did not agree on a path forward so I left.  I took a position in sales in the paper industry, to round out my knowledge of packaging substrates.   I worked for Stora Enso for 7 years and then Twin Rivers paper Company for 7 years as a packaging, label and release liner expert. In both cases I doubled the sales territory but neither had opportunities for advancement for me unless I was willing to move to the mill, which I was not.  Was hired away from Twin Rivers by Kruger Specialty Papers in Quebec Canada to start up and build their packaging business from the ground up.  After three years of building the business they realized they were not ready for the packaging, liner and release markets.  As such my team and I were released.  Thankfully I was offered a lucrative severance package!  I participated in The Come Back Challenge and then UPWV.  During the Dickens process it became clear to me that being a knowledge broker my destiny.  I m all in on it every day.